5 Protocols to Become Successful

5 Protocols to Become Successful

5 Protocols to Become Successful We all want to be successful. We all admire the successful people around us. What if you start following the protocols that those successful people followed, instead of just admiring them? Wouldn’t it help us make our way to success? I believe, it will make. Instead of looking or admiring …

How To Deal With Rejection

how to deal with rejection

How To Deal With Rejection At some point of time each and everyone got rejected in some or the other phase. Some got rejected for Job, some for Promotion while some other were rejected for marriage, to become friends etc. There are some people who believe that their life has come to an end because …

8 Ways to reinvent yourself

reinvent yourself

In today’s time we are losing our identity from “WHO WE ARE”.  We are trying more to become like how others want us to be. Let’s stop and try to reinvent ourselves and become who we are. Below are the 8 ways you can try to reinvent yourself. Being Oneself Always be faithful and Do …