3 choice for problem

3 choice for problem

3 choice for problem

3 choice for problem. Let us start with a famous quote, “People are disturbed not by things, but by the views they take of them” — Epictetus

In life we face many challenges in every situation. But where does the problem lie? It lies in our Mind. We are not worried about the actions we take, but we are more worried about the views of others. This dependency on other people’s views create most of the problem in life. Ask yourself one question, “What is the problem that exists now?”

You will get many answers, like
Need money to pay rent
Search new job
Everyone has a partner; I also need one.
I do not have any best friend like others.

There could be thousands of other things. But, where does the problem lie? It lies in our Future. Our mind has unique feature to project these problems of future. Like, “What will happen if I lose my job?”, “what will happen if I will not get a perfect partner?”

Every challenge is different, and it exists in every moment. It all depends on how you act on that. There are 3 choices you can have.

  1. Accept it:
    Accept the situation and learn something from it. Acceptance of any problem does not mean you are weak; it means you are taking first step towards improvement.  So, if you think you have less money to pay rent, you have choices, you can do overtime in your job, you can cut down your costs etc. This is improvement. Sitting and worrying about the issue only gives you stress.
  2. Change It:
    Learn to change your path even in worst situation. Say, if you are having highly paid job, but there is not personal life and that is creating disputes with you family. You can look for a change. Change the Job that can help your Work-Life balance. Change is not easy, but sometimes it may help you come out of worst situations.
  3. Hold It:
    This means you are fighting with your mind and blaming yourself for the situation. You will say yourself, that you could have avoided this problem if I had so and so luxuries.

It will be difficult for you to pick the correct option, but most of the people pick point 3. This is the main reason for stress people face. Blaming yourself for all the problems and situations not only de-motivates you, but also may take into depression. Instead of the Resisting, we should also Accept or Change the situation. Learn to accept the reality, instead of arguing with them.

You have three choices in every situation, so choose it wisely.

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