5 Protocols to Become Successful

5 Protocols to Become Successful

5 Protocols to Become Successful

We all want to be successful. We all admire the successful people around us. What if you start following the protocols that those successful people followed, instead of just admiring them? Wouldn’t it help us make our way to success? I believe, it will make. Instead of looking or admiring the success of a successful person, if we focus on the Path and their Journey, it will help us to go ahead with our dreams. According to us, we have listed down the 5 protocols that the successful people followed to reach to the top position:

Make a Note
One thing that is commonly followed by successful people is that they pen down even the smallest stuffs. The reason they note down these stuffs is because it makes it easier for them to analyse it. Also, writing their thoughts helps them to plan out its implementation. This habit of writing also helps them to keep the notes handy with them and that they do not have to run to and fro for it.

Accept failure gracefully:
Those people who are successful today, may have failed at some point of time in this journey. But they do not see this as an obstacle in their path, rather they see it as an opportunity. Every successful person sees failure as chance to improve themselves. They know that working on failure always takes them a step closer towards their success. Remember the famous quote from Seth Godin, “If I fail more than you do, I win”. They know failure makes them stronger instead of breaking them. So, next time when you fail, just accept it and work towards making it right.

Believe in Sharing
You must have seen interviews, read articles or also witnessed any AGM of successful founders. They all share their experiences. In their articles, they share even a small mistake of theirs and how they rectified it. Even when they do something right, they do not forget to share them with others. Giving is always an opportunity to get more. Sometimes, you see that one of your points, becomes an Idea for someone. Those people feel good about sharing even their ideas without any fear of being stolen. That is because, they like to see others growing along with them. That is the attitude that make us feel so generous about them.

Expect Negative Feedback
What would happen if your product or services received a negative feedback? At some point you may lose your temper and start brawling on others. The successful people are completely opposite. They wait for someone to give them the negative feedback. Because they are constantly looking to improve themselves. The negative feedback they receive helps them to see what and where they have missed to meet the expectation. This helps them to improve their mistakes and upgrade for the betterment of customers. A lot can happen with one negative feedback.

Read and Listen More
You must have noticed or heard from almost all successful person that they take out sometime from their daily schedule to Read books and listen to queries of people. That is because reading keeps you updated with daily affairs whereas listening helps you understanding people’s needs. There is a saying, “Be a Good Listener, then speaker”. Sometimes, Listening helps you learn more than speaking.

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