5 reasons why we fail

5 reasons why we fail

5 reasons why we fail

We had promised that we will upload an Article on why do we fail in achieving our dream. Below are 5 reasons why we fail . Read our Article on Dreams.

    • Improper Planning:
      The first and basic step of successful people is proper planning. This includes financial planning, Marketing planning, Logistics planning etc. A small mistake in planning can also lead to a failure. Invest your time and money in Proper Planning to Avoid Loss.


    • Deviating Mind:
      This is something you might have never heard, but this also plays a role in leading to failure. It leads to failure because your mind is not ready to focus on a single thing. You want to step into multiple lines of business at a same time, and, this leads to failure as you are not able to manage them well. Focus on one part. Once you are successful in that move to other line of business. So, concentrate on one business at a time.


    • Act as Boss:
      In today’s world where we have 1000s of start-ups happening daily, people are becoming popular because of their start-up, you also wish to start your own business, and the first thing we do is update our LinkedIn/Facebook/WhatsApp status as CEO & Founder at XYZ Company. That’s where we go wrong. Remember “To Become a Good CEO, you need to be best Salesman first”. Remember you are working on your dreams to achieve success and not to show people that you are CEO or Founder. That comes at a latter part. What comes first is how you build the organization.So, if you decide to start a business, go out sell your products and then become a CEO.


    • Celebrate Success too early:
      Yes, we should celebrate success, but not at the cost of failure. I will explain you this with short story: A young guy started his own “Computer Repairing Business”. With his Hard work and dedication, he was getting a good business. With growing business, he started partying his friends. Day in day out he used to offer grand parties to all. After some time, he was left with no money… fuss… His credit rating became poor, no money to buy spare parts for customers etc. this resulted in downfall of his business.
      The moral here is that we should never celebrate our success too early. Be patient, confident, work hard and then celebrate.


    • Surrender:
      This cannot be considered as a reason for failure but yes, it plays a role in your failure. In these fast times of today, everyone in looking for fast success. Little do they realize that success is not short term but long term. We have invested our time and efforts and wait with patience to achieve it. But, today, instead of waiting what we do is we catch another line of business. Wait…!!! before you give up, ask yourself why you started and invested your time and money. If you give up your business just because you didn’t get success in one go, trust me, you can never do any business, because you are not having patience to wait. The other reason for early surrender is Fear. We fear a lot before and after starting something new. Just surrender your fear and success will be all yours.



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