5 Remedy For Peace

5 remedy for peace

5 Remedy For Peace

5 remedy for peace.While going through the Q&A sites like Quora, or while talking with people in person or even in family, there is one question that comes up in every situation and that question is, “What is the remedy for Peace”. Based on my experience, I can say that there is no such remedy for peace. Peace cannot be achieved in a day or month or Year. It is a state of mind. I have seen people earning decently to meet their needs are still in search of peace, whereas people earning less seems to be happy. There are few tips below:

Train Your Mind so that it listens to you:
Your Mind has the power to control your body. And once mind starts controlling you, then you cannot get away from stress and frustration. Think of a vehicle, what will happen if it goes out of control? same is with Mind. If you keep it under control, you can feel the peace because it will stop bothering you with unnecessary stuffs. Mind is like River, it keeps flowing. Learn to control your mind, that comes with Meditation.

Find happiness within you:
Another reason why you are stressed or frustrated is because you are not able to find your own happiness. You are depended on some person or situation to make you happy. Every other person or thing that makes you happy will be temporary. The day you start finding happiness within yourself, you will feel the peace within you. Devote some time for yourself. Do regular workouts, this is the best way you can love yourself. Try it once and see the transformation.

Learn to accept situations:
As a human, you will always try to find the solution for all problems you face. you will keep on digging the problem even though you know it hurts you. Now, once you know that how much ever you fight, or work hard some situations is not going to change, then why not just accept and move ahead, rather than peeping into it. Try this once, and I bet, you will feel the peace within you.

Be Content:
This is another factor that play role in achieving peace. Today, everyone is trying hard and hard to earn more, but somewhere in this greed we are losing our peace. The day you get satisfied with what you are earning and feel happiness with whatever you have, you can feel the peace within yourself.

Expect Less and Enjoy More:
Make this a mantra for your life and you will feel the Peace. Reduce the expectation from other and become more self-reliant. The more you expect, the more you get hurt. Remember, you yourself are your best friend. Not all expectation gets fulfilled in life. So, do not regret for that expectations, instead move and enjoy life.

To conclude, we need to remember, that everything comes at a cost, even peace. But, once you achieve peace, trust me, that moment and that feelings will be different. Do not forget to help me with your feedback in comment section.

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