7 essential items money cannot buy

7 essential items money cannot buy

7 essential items money cannot buy .In the generation of glamour and fame, we think that money can buy every item we need. Everything in this world is for sale against money. Yes, to some extent you can buy something like luxury, comfort that can help you raise your status or standard. But, apart from this, there are many essential items that money cannot buy. We have listed down some things that money cannot buy. Read them and just give a though about these items.

Time is one of the most crucial things, you do not have to buy it, ideally it is free. All you can do is that you can utilize this time to Make More Money, but no matter, how much money you have, even if you utilize all your money to Buy Time. Money can help you buy High End watches that can help you raise your status in society.

Money help you raise your social status, raise your standard of living. Money can help you buy some respect, but it cannot help you buy self-respect, it is something that you need to earn. The respect earned by money will reduce with reducing bank balance, but the Self-Respect earned by doing good deeds, will last till eternity. Again, it is freely available, all you need to do is to earn that.

True Love:
Love, the most essential feeling that can be felt. Yes, these days Love is also directly proportional with the money you have, so we think that Money can Buy Love, but it is only Attracting Love towards you. Real Love comes with “Not for Sale”. It is a feeling that can make you feel alive, and trust me, it does not require a single penny to spent. All it needs is your Trust, Commitment and Efforts to keep it alive. It is Free.!!!!

Money can help you buy expensive Gadgets, all type items that can make you feel comfortable etc. But, still Satisfaction priceless, because it is something that comes from your soul. Rest, all are just meant for pleasure, we cannot call it satisfaction.

How does a single smile cost? Almost nothing, right? Still people do not express it. This is second most expensive thing after Time. You cannot buy it, when you utilize it, trust me it makes an impact on millions around you. Sometimes, a simple smile to unknown person can make them feel happy the whole day round and that happiness cannot be bought. So, “Keep Smiling” and enjoy.

Money may vanish, but your humble nature wont. Yes, not many people are humble these days, and with money power most of the people think that they have earned everything and that they can buy what they need. Whereas, humbleness is free, and it can help you remain alive in people’s mind and heart forever. Humbleness is nowhere related wit Money, because it is something that a human learns from looking at others.

No matter who you are or how much ever you earn, still you cannot buy LIFE. So, live in a way that you are remembered for good. Make sure, you follow all above 6 points to make your life worthy.

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