Beauty Quotes To Make Your Day Magical

Beauty Quotes To Make Your Day Magical

Beauty Quotes To Make Your Day Magical

Start you day by reading Beauty Quotes To Make Your Day Magical. Beauty.

Beauty…!!!!!!!!!!! A most common word with thousands of uncommon definitions. Beauty is happiness, Beauty is life. Beauty is a moment to feel. Beauty is an intangible asset which everyone has with them. We can see beauty everywhere, starting from Nature to People around us. But if we look over the years the concept of beauty has completely being changed with various changes in culture and changes in standard of living of people.

Beauty is to help others when they need you the most. The feeling when your friend keeps a hand on your shoulder and say, “Why to worry, when I am here with you?” is beauty. The feeling when you partner touches you for the first time is beauty. Every feeling that makes you happy or feel delighted is beauty.

Beauty is not in your clothes, the make-up you do, your looks etc. It’s in your attitude. It’s in your gesture. The way you behave with people shows the real beauty. Beauty is in the character. Beauty is essence which makes you feel happy.

Beauty is not in your face, its in your eyes. The eyes that can feel the pain of others, that have the feel the sadness on your face. That’s real beauty.

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