Value the relations you have in your life

Gujarati Suvichar On Relationship Gujarati Suvichar On Relationship for people who do not value it. Many a times we have seen that people do not speak with each other for many years. But, when they meet, their tears speak the story of the pain they went through. Always remember, there will be misunderstandings, try to …

Forgiving is better than Revenge

Forgiving is better than Revenge In today’s time there are few people who choose forgiveness over revenge. Even in all mythological scriptures irrespective of religion, Forgiveness is considered more sacred. Sometimes, its better to forgive rather than taking revenge or doing tit-for-tat. Forgiveness not only helps us us to save relation but also avoids any …

We miss you Atalji

आप के जोश पर हमे नाज़ है, आप के अटल आंदाज का हमे आभास है… अपके बोल पर सारा हिंदुस्तान झूम उठता था, आज इन आँखों मे बस आपकी यादों का सहारा है… Prahar