English Poem

english poem

English Poem English poem, written by our Guest Writer Steffi Fernandes. One can feel the pain that a living being goes through when their dreams are shattered. Nothing, except the prayers can help us overcome this. A very heart touching and emotional poem. Read and help with the feedback for this. Twig and stick they …

Life Quotes – Stay Engaged,Not Attached

life quotes

Life Quotes – Stay Engaged,Not Attached Life Quotes for people in current lifestyle. The statement “Stay Engaged, not attached” here has a very deep meaning. In today’s time where even a school going toddler is posting his heart break stories, somewhere we are moving towards a generation that is become impatient or taking movies too …

How To Deal With Rejection

how to deal with rejection

How To Deal With Rejection At some point of time each and everyone got rejected in some or the other phase. Some got rejected for Job, some for Promotion while some other were rejected for marriage, to become friends etc. There are some people who believe that their life has come to an end because …