Cloth of success is woven by thread of hard work

Cloth of success is weaved by thread of hard work

Everyone have a dream to become a celebrity or a famous person. But, a very of them have the courage to do the hard work. When you see any person coming out of shining new Luxury car, we dream to be one. But, little do we realize that shining of that car is because of the hard work and struggle. If you really want to follow your favorite start/businessman/sports personality, try to read their struggle and hard work. Every big person today was once a small child trying hard to achieve what he desired. Hence, we say ,”Cloth of success is weaved by thread of hard work”. Because, everywhere and to everyone hard work is the only option to achieve your goals. All famous person like Mark ZuckerbergShri Dhirubhai Ambani,  Karsanbhai Patel, Jack Ma, Samuel Walton etc are few who have gained success with sheer hard work and passion.

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