6 Common Reasons For Giving Up Life Goals

giving up life goals.

6 Common Reasons For Giving Up Life Goals

Giving up life goals is the common statement we hear from many people around us.Everybody has a goal in life to achieve. Some succeed and some fail. Well, we have seen many articles on Tips to get success. But there are very few who write about giving up goal. We have written few common but very strong reason for giving up a life goal.

Desperate for Quick Results:
Why do we wait for quick results? Everything takes time. People these days expect a very quick result for their actions. They are not patient. If they do not get desired results, they quit. Little, do they understand that some actions take time to get the desired results. There is no such way to become successful overnight. There is a saying, “Patience is the key to Success.” So, next time if you are working on your goal, make sure to be patient. Or be ready to give up your goal.

Unable to handle Failure:
People see failure as an end of the journey towards their goal. But it is not like that. They need to change their views about failures. Failure is essential for success. They must see failure as an opportunity and not as a hurdle in their path of success. Learn to face your failures and get the best out of it. This is another yet most common reason why people give up their life goal.

Stop Exploring:
It is not that once you become successful, you must stop new learning. At every stage of life cycle of your goal, there are new things that come up. Some needs to be accepted to walk hand in hand with the generations. Every time you must change are viewpoint to compete in today’s business world. You have keep exploring new ways to expand your goal. People who are adamant to their viewpoint have no other option but to give up their goal.

Setting high expectation:
One mistake people do is set very high expectation even before they start working on their goals, and once when they see that it is not fulfilling, they give up saying, it is not worth being a goal. It is not like that, they should never set the high expectations in the beginning, rather it should grow slowly and steadily with the progress towards your goal.

Not believing in oneself:
People these days, do not believe in their abilities. They would prefer believing in what others have to say about their goal. Everyone has a different ideology and viewpoint for your goal. What really matters is what you think and how much you trust yourself. You can others for their opinion, but that should not be followed blindly. It needs to research and then applied. This is another reason why people give up on their goals.

Unstable Mind:
We have seen people who change their goals frequently. They are not sure, what they want to achieve and what they want to do in their life. They are highly influenced by other people/businesses around them. They often think to work on what their influencer is working, keep aside their own goals. This leads to closure of their goals, and they are let with no option. There is a saying, “Do not try to sail in 2 boats together.” A deviating mind is another reason why people are forced to give up their goals.

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