How Life Changed In A Decade

how life changed in a decade

How Life Changed In A Decade

How life changed in a decade with the sun rise on 1st Jan,2020. We have come to an end of a decade. We have progressed in all aspects starting from Technology to our Lifestyle. But what has happened to our humanity over this decade? We have really downgraded our humanity to such a level that even animals are better than us. Day in day out we see in news about Rapes, riots etc? Why? Have our humanity become so cheap that we do not feel about Pain that others feel?

Helping others :
This have just become a trend to show off. We have seen people posting on social medias about these donations. It has become a tool to gain more followers on Instagram, Twitter etc. The only question I have is why we need to show off if we really want to help? A help that is done to gain some profit or advantages is not really a help, but it is a Pure Business. You are looking for your own benefit behind this donation. please help those who need your help, without expecting any in return. Please adhere to saying, “Service to Man is Service to God”. Do not trade the gesture of “HELP”.

Making fun of physically challenged person:
what is worse than making fun of a person is physically challenged? Most of the time, we have seen this in trains and buses, where people refuse to get up from the seats even from those, that are reserved for them. What is the meaning of our education, when we cannot help such people? Some of them even argue with them. Why? just try to answer this question. It is observed that some of them who make fun of such people, think that they look really cool, but in real they are degrading their worth.

Physical abuse
This has increased at lightning speed, whether it rape,molestation or Racism. This is applicable for all genders. Everyday we hear about Rapes and murder happening around us? Why is human becoming more worst then an animal? Even an animal understands the pain that others feel, but we as humans are becoming beast. Even toddlers are not being spared from such monsters. What is the use of our technology, when we cannot protect our children from such people? The technology that was meant to improve our life, has become a curse for us.  Raping and uploading video on Porn Sites, why? Just to gain few bucks? Asking for Nudes from your GF/BF, is this what we call Love today? In the name of Love, we have stoop down so low that we forgot what really a human love is.

As I mentioned earlier, the technology that was meant to bring us closer is taking us to a different route altogether. Misuse of such technology have resulted in Riots, where many innocent people got injured, Public and private property destroyed? Why and for whom? Terrorism has increased over this decade, is this the humanity we learn in our schools?

We have just forgotten our roots. We have become too greedy for everything like money, relationships etc. To earn few bucks people don’t even hesitate to kill someone, people shoot videos of rape victims, so they can use it as a tool to blackmail them to get more from victims. Children are forced to beg, they are tortured to the same. We want everything before time. We have lost our patience, everyone wants to just Run, run and run. No one wants to stop and look behind.

It is still not late, we need to teach our children about these things and make them a better human being for future.

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