How To Deal With Rejection

how to deal with rejection

How To Deal With Rejection

At some point of time each and everyone got rejected in some or the other phase. Some got rejected for Job, some for Promotion while some other were rejected for marriage, to become friends etc. There are some people who believe that their life has come to an end because they were rejected. They take rejection so seriously that they even stop trying for that position or opportunity. We should realize that rejection is a part of life and not the end of Life. Your present attitude to deal with rejection will decide your future course There are some Pro Tips which will how to deal with rejection and come out of it with positive results.

Acknowledge where you went wrong:
Rejection is a part of your life. When you are rejected you should not get depressed or discouraged. Neither you should get infuriated. Instead, you should calm down and make a list of all the reasons due to which you might have got rejected. You should have faith in your abilities.

Whether you were rejected for marriage proposal, or for job or for any other opportunity, rejection “hurts”. But you should make your mind, convince yourself, and take a step ahead in search of another opportunity.

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Rejection is motivation:
Rejection is always an evidence that you are trying. It proves your existence. Rejection should never be reason to demotivate you. In fact, it is one of the biggest motivations. It helps you to strive, to learn new things. If you are never rejected, then probably you are still living into comfort zone.

No matter for what you got rejected, you will always be able to figure out where you are placed at the time of rejection.

Treat yourself with benevolence:
After the rejection, do not let yourself down. Never think that you were not eligible, or you lacked the potential to reach that place. Fight with your own negative instincts. Talk kindly with the negative talks that comes to your mind. Never create doubt on your potentials or take yourself downwards. You are a friend to yourself, be with your own company.

Rejection should not decide your destiny:
Rejection is not a definition of what knowledge you possess. It is just a situation, where you were not suitable for the company or a person. If a company turns you down, do not think that you are incompetent. Every rejection should be kept in proper perspective. Always remember, one person’s remark does not define your competency. You should never let your self-worth down because of that one person. Everyone has different reasons, different situation to reject. Your destiny remains in your thoughts and the means you choose to come out of that rejection.

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Stop overthinking on it:
Whichever type of rejection it may, whether it is a job rejection or marriage proposal rejection, you have given enough time for grieving. You should keep that rejections in past and think of future. Sitting back and overthink will not help you, rather it will impact your own morale. If you start thinking, there will come a time when you will hate yourself. It will become a hurdle in your life. So, just think it was a bad time and overcome it.

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