Life Quotes – Stay Engaged,Not Attached

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Life Quotes – Stay Engaged,Not Attached

Life Quotes for people in current lifestyle. The statement “Stay Engaged, not attached” here has a very deep meaning. In today’s time where even a school going toddler is posting his heart break stories, somewhere we are moving towards a generation that is become impatient or taking movies too seriously. We, as an adult always admire movies and try to make ourselves like heroes. But, somewhere in this process, we losing our dreams our ambition, our self-confidence.

Lets take a example, a boy studying in college is trying hard to impress a girl or the case is vice versa. Is that really required? No, correct. There are many ways to impress anyone whom you admire. But, as I said somewhere in this process, we are failing to admire ourselves, our capabilities and our ambitions. There are many ways to impress, so let us choose something that can take you closer towards the person whom you admire. We can focus on our achievements and impress our admirer with that. A successful person doesn’t need to impress anyone, correct?. His/Her success speaks.

Now, let us understand, what are ill or negative effects if we stay attached to someone or something. We become impatient, feel restless. Sometimes, we even feel that world around us is so useless or slow. It is just because we are so attached to something, that we cannot bear their separation. Even if we stay connected with them whole day, still we miss them, we sit and think only about them. So, if we give a deep thought, this Attachment is “Costing” us too much. Our precious time, Our energy which can be utilized for something better, is wasted. Apart from this we also get demoralized, demotivated because of this. We are seen as a low performing resource for a company, or our business might have a drastic fall. In this case, how much ever we are attached with someone, no one is gonna stay with us. Our personal and professional growth comes to stand still and also our worth decreases. What we get is return is just Stress , Anxiety ,depression, loneliness etc.

On the other terms, Engagement helps us grow, both personally and Professionally. Let us understand how. When we get engaged with some or the other stuffs, our focus there is to gain something. For e.g. if we are engaged with company for delivery process or engaged with our own business to grow., We are keeping ourselves busy. We are learning many new things, gaining knowledge, keeping ourselves updated. The time we spend helps you grow, get recognized among our peers. Here, everyone is impressed by our work, our attitude etc. We do not need to explicitly impress anyone. Everyone whom we admired once at some point of time, will now admire us.

From the above, you might have understood the difference and benefits of being attached and Engaged. Attachment will destroy you emotionally, physically and also break you mentally. Where as, Engagement will help you improve at every step of life, relive your Life the way you want to. Hope this life quotes help you change your choices

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