Perfection And Reality

perfection and reality

Perfection And Reality

Perfection And Reality a very debatable topic.

Perfect! Everyone here loves to hear this. Some from bosses, some from teachers, some from customers etc. But, do we really know what is Perfection? Perfection is a myth. It is an ambition that is never achieved. It breaks down the person who is striving to achieve it. No matter how hard we try, we cannot become perfect. As human, we all are bound to make mistakes. Then, why run a race to become perfect?

We are already suffering a lot while running this race. We have succumbed to depression and unavoidable stress in our life. Let us pause and think for a while, who are we trying to impress by becoming perfect? One can become perfect in one domain of working but cannot be perfect in all domains. This may lead to Failure. Although, Perfection has a different meaning for each one on this globe.

Once you strive to become perfect, you will feel that your efforts are never enough. It is an unrewarding task. As I said, perfection is an unreachable goal. You are not and will never become perfect. In fact, no one will. Your work, your face, your room, your friends, your colleagues and even your family, no one is perfect. Yet, are beautiful, charming and are the ones close to your heart. It is because you have accepted them as they are. That is Reality.

Why can’t we work on what is imperfect? We can bring a lot of change while working on imperfection and with imperfect people. It can give birth to a lot of ideas. Imperfection is not a failure, but an opportunity to improve, innovate, implement. Remember, no one is perfect, starting from your mother or sports persons or actors you admire. Everyone has imperfections.

Perfection is Fiction, whereas imperfection is reality. So, instead of working for something that is not valuable, we need to start working on something that is real. Working only on Perfection, will someday make your life miserable.

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