Poem On Hope In English

poem on hope in english

Poem On Hope In English

Poem On Hope In English written by our emerging writer Rahul Desai. Through this poem the writer is trying to say that how important is Hope in our lives and why we should never give up on Hope and we should always keep hope for a better life. Below is the beautiful poem.

When stuck in failure,
Hope helps us overcome it.

When mind is full of fear,
Hope helps us face it and fight it.

When heart aches with broken Love,
Hope helps to heal it with self-love.

When everything is lost and you fall down,
Hope of Self belief helps you get up.

When you lie on death bed,
There is only Hope that makes you breathe.

Hope is so powerful that it gives few hours of life to a dying person. So, guys never in your life think of giving up of on Hope. With every new day, make sure you have one hope that keeps you going for your day and rest of life. “Hope you have a beautiful life ahead.”

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