8 Ways to reinvent yourself

reinvent yourself

In today’s time we are losing our identity from “WHO WE ARE”.  We are trying more to become like how others want us to be. Let’s stop and try to reinvent ourselves and become who we are. Below are the 8 ways you can try to reinvent yourself.

  • Being Oneself
    Always be faithful and Do not lie to yourself. You eventually become what you think. So, always start your day with a Positive Thought. The Lie you keep repeating to yourself will not help you grow. Always try to Avoid Negative Self Image and your Negative thinking. Do not pay heed to what other people think about you. Try to List down your strength on a Paper and read it every morning, it will help you re-invent yourself and determine a goal for you. Create a list of your values, carefully analyse it, because your values will determine what you want to be. Learn to find happiness within yourself, don’t depend on other for your happiness.

  • Embrace your Imperfections
    You know, the most difficult part is to accept your weaknesses. Your weakness could be anything like Stage Fear, weak memory, crowd phobia etc. Identify it and accept it. If you accept it, you can work on it to convert it in your strength. But, if you do not accept then probably you are not giving yourself a chance to change yourself.

  • Admit You Are Wrong
    We all make mistakes. Then why to feel shy or hesitate to accept it? You should realize and accept it because it makes you feel light. Apologize for your mistakes, do not wait for some to poke you for that. You did it , so you must Apologize it. Apologizing relieves you from the guilt.

  • Give Respect:
    Giving Respect doesn’t cost anything. It helps to create an image of yourself in someone’s life. When you give respect, you earn respect. Everything will go one fine day, even you will die, but, the Respect that you have earned will always stay Alive. There is a famous saying “As you Sow, so shall you reap”. You are not losing anything by giving respect, but you are earning respect, a soft place in someone’s heart. This act can change the person in you.

“Every day, you reinvent yourself. You’re always in motion. But you decide every day: forward or backward.” —James Altucher

  • Be Helpful:
    This is one of the ways to reinvent yourself. We need to understand that Donation is not the only way or mean to help. Always help others when they are in need. Always remember, knowledge is like River, let it flow and help others. When you help others, you are indirectly helping yourself. It helps you in finding your way. Helping others help you to achieve peace of mind and self-satisfaction.

  • Stretch Your Body:
    Start your day with exercise. Do some jogging or Yoga. Exercising refreshes your mind. Once mind is fresh it is open for new Ideas. Take out sometime daily schedule for work out. It will give you peace and keep you active for the day. It helps you to become proactive and prepare yourself to accept new challenges.

  • Set Goals:
    Setting goals can also help you reinvent yourself. By setting goals you are giving yourself a target to change the way of your life. You select new path for your goals that help you find new people, learn new stuffs. These new experiences help you find yourself and understand your potential much better. The challenges and struggle you face molds you into a new person.

  • Be Happy:
    Happiness is something we cannot purchase or steal. Happiness is a state of mind. There are times when we are in trouble or struggling, but that is a part of life. Time passes away, whether it is bad or good. It doesn’t last for ever. We should always find moments of happiness. A smiling face and a happy mind have the power to change the life to some extent.

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