Struggle Quotes

struggle quotes

Struggle Quotes

Struggle Quotes by our guest writer Snehansu Mohapatra. Let us welcome him on board. He is an aspiring writer.

Struggle..!!! We all know this word and are very well aware what it means for someone who have a dream. Struggle is an integral part of journey for our success. If we are walking on a path and it seems to be easy, then we need to sit and think, whether we are walking on correct path?. We can never ignore or bypass struggle in life. The book Struggle and Success: True Stories That Reveal the Depths of the Human Experience (Timeless Wisdom (3)) has some real stories that inspires you for your struggle and dreams.

From Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, no one have got this success without struggle. On the path of your goals or dreams, there is no good teacher then our own struggle and no best motivator then our own failures. Only those who struggle can reach to their goals. Struggle makes you feel Alive.

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