Vacate the place which makes you unhappy

Vacate the place whicxh makes you unhappy

There are many places in our surroundings which makes us feel low or unhappy. What should we do? the best answer to this question is just Vacate the place which makes you unhappy. But, make sure you do not make it a habit. We are in a world where everything comes at a price, even our Happiness. So, we should always select our education, our profession, even our life partner that makes us happy. But, remember you will never be happy until and you decide you want to really to be. Sometimes, a beggar with one time meal is more happy than a famous person with 6 times meals a day. Happiness comes with satisfaction. So, if you don’t feel happy do not select that profession or career, rather just vacate the seat and do somethings that makes you feel content and happy.

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